No no offence

“They make for a strange trio of bedfellows, Peter Jensen, the Anglican Archbishop of Sydney, David Marr, the journalist, and Janet Albrechtsen, the columnist – public figures whose views on politics, society and religion could not be more different.”

There’s an interesting debate taking place tonight. It’ll be online. It’s about freedom to offend (protecting freedom of speech). The above is the team for the affirmative… details are here.

It’ll screen here.

YouTube Twosday – wherefore art though Mario

Here are two Super Mario inspired videos along a similar theme – what would happen if Mario appeared in real life (and not in a terrible, terrible, movie version…)

The first takes a real life Mario (played by a human) into an 8 bit society (made from cardboard).

While the second takes the real Mario onto the streets. It’s worth a watch – especially from about a minute in.

YouTube Tuesday: Wiimote controlled coffee

I was sure I’d posted this before. But it appears not. I searched for all the logical combinations of words.

If I were a bit nerdier – or geekier – I would try to figure out how to do this to my machine – which is essentially a supersized Silvia (but slightly different in structure). Total temperature control is pretty much the holy grail of coffee preparation.

Pac to the rafters

Ahh Pacman, where would I be without you… about four posts down per day I reckon.

Pacman’s gravitational structure has always puzzled me. It has some bearing on his actual shape – are we getting a topographical view – or a view from the side? Who knows? Well, someone. And now you can explore Pacman with gravity as a factor thanks to the marvels of modern programming technology…

Download it here.

Cherry Chomper: Chomps cherries

And who knew that Cherry pitting was such a modern culinary dilemma? Not me. But thankfully Cherry Chomper is here.

Turns out it’s a real problem. Or so the retailer would have you believe

“Cherry chomper provides a safe, quick and clean way to pit cherries.”

“A fun tool for kids in the kitchen and a big help for those who suffer from arthritis.”

Yours for just $US14.98. If you dare..

Knives out…

Fancy yourself as the King Arthur of the kitchen – then these wall hooks from A+R will help solidify that claim – they should be a breeze to pull out too.


If you haven’t heard of the Conficker Worm you must have been living under a bush or something. Even the ABC Morning Show in Townsville is talking about it.

To be honest I haven’t done anything about Conficker. I haven’t even checked my various computers for the nasty little monster. And now its fury is meant to be being unleashed upon us tomorrow I am feeling like I should.

The US Government has come to the rescue with a nice, easy test from a reputable(?) source…

I’ll be running it at home tonight. I think we’ll be right – but it’s probably worth checking.