The unsingleness post

Right. So the post I wrote on singleness over the weekend has prompted a couple of follow up points (from the discussion in the comments).

Here are two extra ideas. And they’re for the guys (mostly).

There was a comment that attempted to point out that while the point of my post was that you shouldn’t necessarily be stressed or impatient, I personally had made significant life changes in order to pursue a girl.

I’m not suggesting for a minute that guys should not pursue girls. I’m not suggesting you sit on your backside and wait for a girl to fall into your lap (though that quite literally worked for someone I know). It’s like prayer – no reformed Christian that I know prays about something and does nothing – you pray and act accordingly. It’s the same concept.

So, two points.

1. If you’re a guy and you want a specific girl – pursue her (until she either says yes when you ask her out) or makes it clear she’s not interested (though my theory is you get three strikes – because you want to be sure).

2. If you just want a girl in general, then don’t be desperate. Desperation is a turn off. For either gender. In my opinion. You’re better off being patient and content.

This time I can’t claim to have received that advice from my wise old grandfather.

7 thoughts on “The unsingleness post”

  1. See that everybody – Amy agreed with me. So I must be right. We don’t agree on much. This is cause for some form of celebration.

    Today is a day for lotto tickets and games of chance.

  2. :) sorry Nathan- my post was unfair and a low blow. The post just made you sound like a guru and you know how much I like gurus :D And in a way this post was what I was trying to get u to say- And I liked what Ali said about looking like an PAM (potential axe murderer) (does facebook stalking count here too.)

  3. Yes, there is a big difference between persistent (read: romantic) and obsessive (read: scary).

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