Westboro v Anonymous: Round 2

Well. Time for an update. The other day I posted about this web deathmatch. Then it seemed like Anonymous had washed their hands of the initial threat. Anonymous claimed Westboro had set this up as a bit of a honey trap to harvest IP addresses from Anonymous users. I was going to post an update then, but then I thought I might ride it out a little longer.┬áPlus, Westboro’s sites had been down for a little while.

Here’s the initial Anonymous response:

Because I figure if you hassle Anonymous for a while you’re going to wake the giant. Anonymous claim another hacker has taken down the sites. Now, Anonymous have acted – watch this…

This video is pretty funny. Anonymous hack Westboro live. During the interview. They put this message up on Westboro’s site.

Westboro think they’re “Mount Zion” and “prophets”… who can’t be shut up.

I’m sure this isn’t the end of this…

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