The inevitable autotune

As surely as night follows day, so autotune songs follow incredible TV interviews.

Kai, the awesome hitchhiker guy

I posted this on Facebook a while back, and, in the absence of any better content to post right now… here’s possibly the best TV interview ever given (a bleeped out version) with one of the best autotune songs ever made… I know it’s old news now. Wait until you see the goats post coming up next…


And a little bit of Kai singing his own song.

Great burger review. Gets autotuned.

I love a good burger. So does this guy. He has a whole channel dedicated to burger reviews.

The autotune guys love this guy.

Both these videos were found via

As a bonus, here’s his review of the Burger King’s Bacon Sundae.

Charlie gets autotuned

Charlie Bit Me is one of those classic bits of parental exploitation on YouTube, the kid should join some sort of internet celebrity support group with David After Dentist.

H/T Steve Tran.

Look at meme – Autotune

The Know Your Meme Team recruited Weird Al to explain the Autotune trend taking the world wide web by storm.

ATTN: Chavez plays air guitar

Auto tune the news (which I’ll acronymise to ATTN) is my new favourite YouTube feature. It’s very clever. Though I’m sure I’ll get sick of it soon. Here’s the latest…

YouTube Tuesday: the Auto Tune edition

Better late than never…

Some science… with Stephen Hawking and Carl Sagan

Some news…

Some advertising…

And finally, a joke you can play on your minister…