Biographies of cool people from history as pictogram flowcharts

These are phenomenally cool. No. Really. The coolest minimalist pictogram biographies of famous people you’ll see tonight.

From H-57 (this is their Typodesign page)

This one involves Napoleon’s palindromic holiday on Elba (Able was I, ere I saw Elba).


Darth Vader

Bruce Lee


Michael Jackson

And my favourite, Jesus.

Go with the flow chart

Diagrammr is pretty cool. It creates flow chart diagram things from sentences. I just used it to map out the logic of John 14. Because it’s a pretty layered little passage. It doesn’t quite get there… but it goes close. Check it out. It appears to save the stuff I’ve put in here – and I think you can probably change it all you like… which is a pain.

It only works with simple sentences. Here are the things I put in:

Jesus is in God
God is in Jesus
Jesus speaks words of God
Jesus is going to God
Jesus brings glory to God
God gives the Spirit
We are in Jesus
We are in God
We have the Spirit
The_World does not have the spirit
The_World does not love Jesus
We have seen Jesus
We have seen God
The_world does not see Jesus
The_world does not see God
Spirit comes in the name of Jesus
Jesus loves God

Deadly Read

I grew up on Choose Your Own Adventure books. But I used to cheat. I’d read them in reverse, because I didn’t want to die. It turns out that’s the wisest approach. Because the writers want you to die. Statistically speaking. This guy named Michael Niggel put together a flow chart of a typical Choose Your Own Adventure novel. It looks like this.

You can see a high quality PDF here.