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Facebook Usage Infographic #32

These infographics are a dime a dozen. But this is yet another reason that if you’re trying to sell a product, or an idea, you need to figure out how to use Facebook well to engage your potential customers/audience.


Charting the social acceptability of peeing in public

This is no laughing matter. It’s serious sociology people. Get with the program.

So, because you all need to think more deeply about your innate desire to pee in public, here’s a graph representing the social acceptability of said action (or other peeing related actions) and the outcomes of such pressure on your bladder. This social pressure creates real pressure.

From the artist/sociologist:

This was something I used to help me think through the two main axes that determine peeing behavior – biological and social control. Urination is a biological function that has been subjected to a great degree of social control. Unfortunately, urban design has not kept pace with the demand for clean, easily accessible public restrooms for humans. And there has been no attempt to create any kind of system to deal with canine urine. In most cities it is illegal for humans to pee in public but both legal and widely accepted for dogs to pee where ever they like (in New York, they cannot pee on the grass in parks).

How the Internet works

This is a nice, simple, little comic explaining what it is that goes on when you type a web address into your browser. It’s a handy reference for when you have those conversations with a dullard who doesn’t really know what’s going on, but suggests it has something to do with monkeys or magic. Or Monkey Magic.

Via labnol.


It’s more than possible that I have posted this exact infographic previously. But I like it. It’s about coffee. And it is interesting.

From Mint.com.

The harsh truth about Decaf

I don’t like decaf (but I will roast some for you if you ask nicely – in fact, it’s the only coffee I currently have because Australia Post is tres slow at the moment. I like putting French words into sentences when they are completely unnecessary…

From Fake Science, via Gary.