A guide to story telling from a video making company

Storytelling is the new communication. In fact. It’s the old communication. These tips are pretty good. If you want to make stories that people are interested in. It’s properly basic stuff. With some nice tips and twists.

Some of these are video specific – which is great if you want to catch up with the present, and communicate into the future – but most of them are generic enough to be slightly relevant to the non-video world.

Here’s a nice coffee “story”…

Coava, a case study of storytelling from stillmotion on Vimeo.

Meet Merle: the amazing power of a video testimony

This is great.

We used this at church today – it’s a terrific story about the power of the gospel in changing lives. It’s from New Life Uniting Church.

I think it’s more powerful because Merle is pretty much the typical grandmother. She could be your grandmother.

Video Testimonies | Merle’s Story from Newlife Uniting Church on Vimeo.