It’s π day in 5 days…

The 14th of March (3.14) is pi day. Assuming you write the date like an American. Pi day. It makes the world go around. Pi day has an official website. Where you can get some digits of pi. For fun.

To celebrate the awesome magicalness of Pi. Here are some bits of pi.

This guy used the decimal points of pi to make music.

See more funny videos and funny pictures at CollegeHumor.

Here’s a pumpkin pi (via BoingBoing).

And a π necklace. Correct to a lot of digits.

How about a π shirt?

Or this one, with almost 4,500 digits of pi.

Get a hold of a pi clock

Or a clock where π features but isn’t central… if you want to display it all year around.

Have some pi drinks. With π ice cubes.

Finally. Check this out. Blow your mind. Eat a pie for pi day – and use pi to help calculate the size of portions required. Because pi is just the other side of pie.

Here are some π posts from my archives.


Can you tell us when it’s pi days from pi day?

Aaran says:

happy pi day