The best bunch of Links since the Zelda games

So. There hasn’t been a link post around here for a little while. Lets fix that shall we…

Simone stirred the hornets nest by pondering the impact the increasing prevalence of same sex relationships will have on the perception of close friendships amongst Christians.

Izaac posted about iChurch. He’s also posted a series reviewing the church plant he was part of… it’s not quite finished, but when it is it’ll be worth another link. Izaac, and his wife Sarah, will be spending next week with us in Townsville. This is very exciting.

Sarah blogs more than Izaac and today she wrote about moving house, and moving church – two of the most stressful things a person can do…

Amy likes good TV shows and believes good stuff… or at least stuff I mostly agree with.

Jeff posts good links.

Dave Miers shows why customer service is important – and why coffee cup holders in cars are a necessity.

Ben posted a crepe recipe. We bought a crepe pan. The two may have been linked.

Mikey encouraged people to think more broadly than their local congregation when it comes to ministry. He also posted a link to this article/lecture (PDF) from Michael Jensen on the CASE website on apologetics that I’ll post more on eventually. Michael Jensen is the Australian Christian blogosphere’s everywhere man. Seriously. How many sites does he contribute to?

Ben was away for a week – but he’s back. And we’re all happy. He kicked things off on Monday with a new leaner looking quiz

Andrew Katay writes good stuff and he’s looking for student ministers next year… if he ministers like he writes that would be a worthwhile opportunity.

Andrew Finden is in Germany being an almost world famous opera singer… well, one day… he shared his thoughts on church tourism. And a string quartet tribute to Nirvana. String quartet tributes are one of my favourite sub-genres. You really should check out Muse or Radiohead in all their string quartetly goodness.

Leah wrote five tips for surviving the Internet. Pretty sound advice and worth reminding yourself of… I’d add a couple – don’t forward stupid emails without going to snopes, and don’t believe anything without checking with google first.

Joining the blogroll

Convicted as I am by the reminder that links are part of the rules for blogging I thought I should draw your attention to the fact that I have reinstated the blog roll to my front page.

I’d like to update it.

If you comment or read here, and have a blog, let me know. Chances are I already read it. But it’s buried in myriad other blogs in Google Reader. If you let me know, I’ll add you.

I’ve just added Izaac’s wife Sarah – who has started her own blog.

If you have a blogroll, and you’re reading this, and I’m not on it… add me. It’ll make me feel special. And if I get lots of traffic from you I might even mail you a Freddo.

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    “If you’ve ever been stuck trying to fill out a trio of words ending in “ation,” looking for the transliteration of a foreign script, finding proper pronunciation or hyphenation, or other nerdy word tasks, Wolfram Alpha can often pull off the job with a few key words. Enter word before your term to get an overview of what Wolfram knows about a phrase, or words starting with or words ending with to fit a certain phrase into your text.”

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    Yet recent research into coin flips has discovered that the laws of mechanics determine the outcome of coin tosses: The startling finding is that they aren’t random. Instead, for natural flips, the chance of a coin landing in the same position as it started is about 51 percent. Heads facing up predicts heads; tails predicts tails.

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