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A smashing photography idea

This series capturing porcelain figurines the moment they smash into smithereens is brilliant. They’re from a photographer named Martin Klimas. The fact that they’re kung fu characters going the biff makes them even more compelling.

The camera is apparently triggered by the sound of the collision with the ground.

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Inked up Lego minifigs look tough.

These tattooed lego men are a brilliant piece of advertising for a fine point pen.

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An Idiot’s Guide to Piracy: one limb amputation at a time

Authenticity is hugely important for a successful career on the seven seas. Get authentic by following the steps on this ‘ere inforgrarrrphic.

From David Soames, Via 22 Words.

What should you drink: A flowchart

I think cider might occasionally be in order though… but I do like the way this beer ad thinks.

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Corridor Beatles

Hey look. This is a collection of members of a variety of Christian bands singing a Beatles song in a hotel corridor. I like it.

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The South Park kids in real life

I enjoy South Park on the occasions I manage to see it (not often). So this artistic rendering of the characters in humanoid form tickled my funny bone.

From Deviant Art, Twenty Two Words has a few more.

The Living Hills

What do you get if you recut the Sound of Music as a thriller?

If you want more Julie Andrews mashups – check out Scary Mary.

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Lyrical Flowcharts

I’ve posted a couple of lyrical flow charts before. There’s a Hey Jude one I’m quite fond of, and 22 words posted one for Total Eclipse of the Heart today. And XKCD put this one together recently…

But these video versions take them to a whole new level.

Baltimore’s Police Chief on The Wire: “I don’t like you”

The Wire is a gritty police drama focused on the city of Baltimore. It doesn’t really depict the police institution in the most flattering light.

David Simon, the director of The Wire responded, and I think we can all say “oh snap”…

Others might reasonably argue, however that it is not sixty hours of The Wire that will require decades for our city to overcome, as the commissioner claims. A more lingering problem might be two decades of bad performance by a police agency more obsessed with statistics than substance, with appeasing political leadership rather than seriously addressing the roots of city violence, with shifting blame rather than taking responsibility.

Coming soon, Obama’s views on how the West Wing makes the presidency glamourous.

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Alphabet Soup: The alphabet in fonts

I like this.

The Alphabet from n9ve on Vimeo.

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Segway proto-prototype

I used to ride one of these around Brisbane’s Queen Street Mall (I was a gopher for a law firm). I didn’t have a helment.

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Awesome Action

This is pretty over the top. And thus. Awesome.

Warning: it includes the comedic severing of a limb.

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How stuff works

I have a fascination with how ordinary things are made. I used to wonder how the deodorant companies packed all that smelly stuff into a can. Or in fact how any aerosols worked.

Then Abraham Piper of 22 words posted links to these 22 videos of stuff being made.

Now, though I’d never wondered, I know how globes are made. If you watch this video you will too.

Here’s how roll-on deodorant works.

And some of my other favourites.

And most importantly, how bacon is made.

And a musical interlude.

There goes half an hour of your time.

Harnessing your blogdom for the power of awesomeness

Jon Acuff at Stuff Christians Like has turned a good idea into a book deal, notoriety, and one of the Christian blogosphere’s most popular blogs.

This week he’s turned his blog into a money raising powerhouse – securing $30,000 in donations for a new Vietnamese orphanage in about 18 hours.

That’s pretty awesome.

Abraham Piper helped out with an interview – and has announced that this week he’ll be focused on raising money for worthy causesstarting with child sponsorship.

I like these ideas. So much that I’m setting up a Tear Really Useful Gift Shop as an experiment. I’d like to buy goats and cows for villages¬† in the hope that they’ll be called Eutychus.

Click here to buy a really useful gift. Prices start at $5 for fish farms. I don’t expect anyone to buy a cow for $300. But it’s an animal, so I included it in the store – along with some vegetarian options.

If you want to donate part of a cow let me know in the comments.

Nine Christian blogs you should read

These are not necessarily my favourite blogs by Christians – but they are the ones that are most likely to cover interesting trends in evangelical Christianity (in the Australian sense of the word evangelical – which mostly means reformed)…

  1. John Piper’s blog at Desiring God, his son Abraham Piper’s 22 words is another one of my favourites… his current post is a cracker.
  2. Mark Driscoll’s blog at the Resurgence – lets face it, what Christian male under the age of 30 isn’t at least a little bit of a Mark Driscoll fanboy. He’s a Mac, and Piper is a PC.
  3. Tim Challies blog – great link posts and book reviews.
  4. Between Two Worlds – nice short summaries of the American Christian blogosphere.
  5. Craig’s blog – the Australian equivalent of Between Two Worlds – nice short sharp summaries of important discussions and developments around the Australian scene.
  6. The Internet Monk – trying to define him is difficult. Post reformed, post evangelical, partly Calvinist – usually interesting or thought provoking.
  7. Church Marketing Sucks – a nice little site dedicated to improving the way churches communicate Jesus.
  8. Communicate Jesus – an Australian equivalent to Church Marketing Sucks.
  9. Stuff Christians Like – the Stuff Christians Write writer has his finger right on the pulse of Christian culture – warts and all.

A list of nine barely does my subscription list justice, there are heaps of notable omissions both from gospel ministers in Australia to collective blogs like Pyromaniacs or the SolaPanel – and a bunch of quality blogs by bible college students.

It would be remiss of me not to mention Design4Church – a most excellent blog about graphic design for churches at this point…

Any good ones I’m missing?