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8 Bit Friday: Just when you thought it couldn’t get worse

Celebrations about Rebecca Black’s decision to remove her phenomenal smash hit from YouTube citing some sort of “copyright dispute” (we all know she just realised it was awful) will be short lived. Why? Well. Watch. The question “can this song possibly sound worse” has been answered in the affirmative.

Paranoid Androids

Paranoid Android is one of my favourite Radiohead songs. Here’s Thom Yorke singing it with an acoustic guitar.

And here are Australian comedy band Tripod singing it a capella.

And here’s an 8 Bit version of the song.

And a bonus, because it was on YouTube and I saw it – here’s another one of my favourite Radiohead songs. Live.

Itty Bitty Weezer

8 Bit music takes me back to my childhood and hours of Nintendo gaming. This is a weird piece of childhood/adolecence fusion – 8 Bit Weezer.

It’s pretty cool. Not sure I’d listen to it regularly. But Island in the Sun and El Scorcho are pretty awesome.