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Know your &s

Did you know that the ampersand (&) was originally meant to be an e and t joined together. From the Latin et? Did you know that typographers love the &? Did you know you can judge a font by its &?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions then you need to get your & on. So. Check out these & resources.

You can, using a little bit of CSS, serve up fancy &s to visitors to your webpage. Here’s how (and it’s the source of these graphics).

Here are the &s available on Mac…

& on PC…

You can also, if you’re technologically inclined, install some webfonts. This site has a bunch. Here’s a sample.

Lots of ands

Can you put the word and in a sentence five times in a row?

I can. The signwriter said there had to be more space between pig and and, and and and whistle. If you like your ands as ampersands – pig & & & & & whistle – then you should check out this tumblog of 300&65 ampersands. Each one in a different typeface. They say you can judge a typeface by its ampersand.

ITC Garamond, Ultra Italic