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Know your &s

Did you know that the ampersand (&) was originally meant to be an e and t joined together. From the Latin et? Did you know that typographers love the &? Did you know you can judge a font by its &?

If you answered “no” to any of those questions then you need to get your & on. So. Check out these & resources.

You can, using a little bit of CSS, serve up fancy &s to visitors to your webpage. Here’s how (and it’s the source of these graphics).

Here are the &s available on Mac…

& on PC…

You can also, if you’re technologically inclined, install some webfonts. This site has a bunch. Here’s a sample.

Ampersand food: for foods made to go together

We all know that some foods were made to go together. Perhaps the most appropriate way to recognise this is in ampersand form. Like these:

There are more here from designer Dan Beckemeyer. Via The Jailbreak.

Lots of ands

Can you put the word and in a sentence five times in a row?

I can. The signwriter said there had to be more space between pig and and, and and and whistle. If you like your ands as ampersands – pig & & & & & whistle – then you should check out this tumblog of 300&65 ampersands. Each one in a different typeface. They say you can judge a typeface by its ampersand.

ITC Garamond, Ultra Italic