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Seek, and you shall find…

Checking just how people end up visiting my blog is one of my favourite past times.

Today someone got here by googling this phrase:

"what to write on your fb status to make your husband mad and nobody else gets"

Sure enough, if you google it, my controversial post on status updates is there are suggested result number 2.

Sadly I don’t think this would be very helpful for this person. So here are some suggestions, for that one person out there.

  1. Thinks Bert Newton is the funniest man alive.
  2. has a headache.
  3. Is looking forward to an early night tonight.
  4. Misses her husband and wishes he wasn’t over the other side of the world (only works if he’s not over the other side of the world).
  5. Is only cooking dinner for one tonight.
  6. Bought heaps of new shoes and dresses today while her husband was at work.
  7. Did some spring cleaning today and threw out her husbands collection of ___ which she never really appreciated.

Any other suggestions. Lets help this poor soul out in the comments.