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Toy Anatomy

These are the latest creations from Jason Freeny, the man responsible for previously posted anatomic masterpieces. The difference is, they’re in 3D. Pretty cool.

Fish are pretty easy to figure out. We’ve all been there, chopped that…

But what about the creepy aliens from Toy Story?

Or Mario?

Monster Mash

You’ve always wondered where to stab Godzilla right? Well thanks to bookofjoe – and whoever came up with these – you’ll now know what to do when faced with a building sized Japanese monster.

Anatomically correct

Late last year I posted the anatomy of a minifig – a nice little view of what’s inside your favourite lego men, making them tick. The guy who showed us how minifigs work is back – now showing us how people work – and there’s a little bit of lego in all of us…

And he’s also given us the run down on what’s inside the humble gummi bear…