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The Anatomy of a Smurf

In case you were wondering. Smurfs are actually quite sinister creatures (and racist to boot).

They have horns, not bendy hats.

Via Pop Chart Labs.

X-Rayted Sleeping Bag

Want to sleep in an anatomically correct manner? Make sure your bits line up with this Japanese sleeping bag

Bare boned cartoons

These cartoon skeletons follow a similar vein (or lack of veins) to the Pacman one from last week. They’re from designer Hyung Koo Lee.

Here’s Bugs Bunny.

And an anatomic drawing of his head.


Huey, Duey and Louie.

More here.

X-rayted conversation

This is a gif of a head being x-rayed while talking. It is pretty cool.

From here – where there’s another one.

I suspect Hebrew would look very different.

Baked anatomy

From the guy who brought you all the other awesome anatomy posters