Tag: Annoying

Dear blogger

Please don’t include a big block of ads between your title and your content in your RSS feed. I won’t read it. I won’t scroll down. If you’re lucky I’ll hit the “j” key (in google reader) and skip you. If you do it all the time I’ll just unsubscribe.

I expect better from you – particularly if your blog is all about how to have a better blog.

That is all.

Dear emailer

Please don’t feel compelled to open your missive to me with a joke. Particularly a joke that is not funny. Just get to the point.

That is all.

That’s annoying

4,400 respondents were interviewed with 32 options for the 20 most annoying occurences.

Who, when asked “what annoys you” says sensationalising the news or biased reporting? I concede that they might be annoying, but more annoying than road rage?

I can think of heaps more annoying things that don’t appear to have made the list – parents who let their children run amok, slow walkers in heavily populated areas, inept government decisions, poorly framed consumer research, people who write letters to the editor, being David Koch… the list goes on.
From the SMH.