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YouTube Tuesday: Puntastic

The Governator has been playing with words for many years – so it should come as no surprise that he issues such classy vetoes.

Here is a selection of puns from his bad guy in whichever Batman movie it was that Mr Freeze appeared in – they all look the same to me…

The tags on this post indicate I actually do know which Batman movie it was in…

Passive Aggressive veto

Some people might think that a veto, in itself, is an act of political aggression rather than passive aggression.

But when you embed a rude, coded, message in your letter to the legislative body you are turning down, it’s classic passive aggression.

It’s so rude I won’t post the picture. But if you’re not offended by the F-bomb – and want to see why the Governator is awesome (other than the fact he keeps his Conan sword in his office)… check it out.

Here’s a news story that shows it’s legit