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Weapons for women

Being a woman is tough. You’re always vulnerable. Or you were. Until this book was published in days gone by. Now men are living in fear.

101 Weapons for Women: Implement Weaponry: A Unique Concept in Women’s Self-Defense
by Rodney R Rice

From Awful Library Books.

Here are some of the pages. Why you wouldn’t just go foot or elbow to the groin is beyond me.

Pacman joke book is no joke

I saw this Pacman book on Awful Library Books and thought “ahh, prime blog fodder… a book filled with funny Pacman stuff”… so I did some research. And I was disappointed. These aren’t jokes. They’re Pacman themed cartoons that aren’t at all funny.

Here are some examples that I dug up (here).

Ways to skin a cat

Here’s a great book from Awful Library Books… if anyone can track down a copy I will pay real money for it…

Bleak Books

I have no idea how many books have been published in the history of book publishing. There’s probably some sort of database that tracks that sort of thing.

Many of these books are crap, and justifiably fall through the cracks… Which is where “Awful Library Books” comes in – they’re tracking down the crap for posterity’s sake.