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Mmm, bacn

Some clever little cookie decided that “spam” was a label too ubiquitous to be applied to all junk email, and so bacn was born. It’s like bacon and is a lunchmeat enthused pun. Of sorts. It’s a catchall label used to describe solicited advertisements, newsletters and well targetted email campaigns.

Microsoft this week announced that something like 97% of all email traffic is spam. They don’t make the bacn distinction as far as I’m aware. But I do. So I’m choosing to allow spam comments that fit into the bacn category – like two shirt sites that commented on my last post about SnorgTees – that’s nice. It shows initiative. And NerdyShirts even offered a 10% discount.

You could buy this topical masterpiece

Or an Eastery theme – this one’s called “The Last Supper“…

Rizzo Tees offered no discount – but proferred a link to their site claiming Snorg was an “inspiration”… here are some of their shirts. Starting with one particularly on topic…



I can relate. I lost 20 subscribers yesterday. Gone. Who knows where… not that I’m checking.

And a ninja shirt….

And one about coffee for good measure (provided you get the size right…boom boom…)

See… not only will a well placed and relevant spam comment get noticed – it’ll earn you a post in these parts.