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What were they thinking? Burger King ad from the 80s

This is terrible. Who thought a shaking mascot was going to sell shakes? Honestly?

Value Ad-ding

Television commercials in regional areas are commonly bad. You might, if you live in a regional area, have assumed that low production standards and owner operator cameos were endemic to your particular geographic region – but I assure you – this is a global phenomenon.

Rhett and Link love local commercials. Especially these ones.

They were so inspired by ads like this that they now travel the United States making local commercials for local companies. Awesome.

Microsoft invades Poland

There’s a suitably sensationalised headline. All Microsoft really did was photoshop out an African American business man when they went to sell their product in Poland – via Slashdot.

The photos are a triumph of politically incorrect revisionism.

Coffee: Ad value

Old coffee ads are awesome. Especially when they are so riddled with violent chauvinism disguised as humour. Yes. That’s right. Buy me good coffee or get spanked. That’s the ticket. I found this floating around the interwebs – and tracked it down to this collection of ads featuring spankings – there’s a bigger copy of the image here.