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Welcome to the Golden Star Palace

The Golden Star Palace sounds like a Chinese restaurant. But it’s not. It’s much worse.

Christoga: It’s Yoga + Jesus

I have a nagging feeling that I posted this – or something very much like it – once before. I couldn’t find it. I wonder what Al Mohler thinks of this

I wish this was a joke. Really.

Jumping for Jesus: Highlights from Christian Fitness TV

Never have the words “we serve a Great God” and “I feel like a pointer dog” been juxtaposed with such poise and dignity.

I’ve posted some Exercise for Jesus videos before. But this one even includes dieting tips.

Go tell it on the mountain… certainly don’t sing it here

You know a song is going to be bad if it’s introduced with such verve and style. This song, with all its midi backing track cheer, will put you in the mood for Christmas.

It’s sadly representative of much church music these days….