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The punning computer

Some computer scientists have spent their time, and dedicated their expertise, to creating a punning monster. Puns, after all, are jokes by numbers – and computers speak a language of 1s and 0s.

Here’s how it works.

Here are some of the results.

How is an unclean tinned meat different from a pampered sacred writing?
One is a soiled spam the other is a spoiled psalm.

What kind of pre-school has wine?
A play-grape.

What do you call a washing machine with a September?
An Autumn-natic Washer

Saw melon

I saw this watermelon art a couple of days ago – and it’s been floating around waiting to be posted (and possibly haunting me in my dreams since… seriously). There are more of these here. It makes my head hurt.

Pyramid of Geezer

So, I have a proposition I’d like to make publicly to Ben (of Vanishing Point fame)…

The title of this post would make a good shirt wouldn’t it? A cool cartoon about grumpy old men… something like this media pyramid but about growing old and dividing your time between telling stories about the good old days, complaining about the youth of today, etc, etc…

I reckon Ben could draw something awesome… something in this vein…

But I digress, this pyramid was really the reason for this post. It’s from Wired.

Planely speaking

This is one of those inventions that has been waiting in the wings for years. The inventor must be a rocket scientist… ok, enough, you’ve got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them.

And thanks goes to the consistently cool bookofjoe.com for tracking it down.
Buy it here.

This grass spins me out

If you’re a city person itching for the feeling of grass between your toes then this one is for you… if you’re a country person itchy because of grass between your toes then it’s probably not.

Methinks the creators were inspired by a “hamsterdam” joke – and decided to combine a hamster wheel with grass…