Banana art… do, do, do, do, do

This is pretty appeeling (sic – pun intended), though I’d like to see it incorporate the inevitable browning that goes on once the skin comes off a banana.

There’s a bunch of these (pun intended) hanging out at this site written entirely in Japanese – so if you can read Japanese get on over there – otherwise, you can find the pick of the crop at Geekologie.

Bizarre update – as I tagged this post I noticed two odd things, this is not the first post I’ve used the tag “banana art” for, nor is it the first time I’ve used this exact heading (the last was in September 2009) albeit with a differently punctuated metre.

How to slice a banana without removing the skin

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This is cool. I’m not sure if it’s really one of the world’s 100 best pranks – but it’s very clever…