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Ponies for Jesus

If you want to buy a birthday present for the little girl in your life – daughter, sister, niece or friend – or perhaps for an effeminate friend – you should most definitely consider investing in one of these:

It’s a Praise Pony. Because My Little Ponies are the spawn of Satan. What do you think the Four Horsemen ride?

Kerusso – the company who made the ponies – don’t seem to have them on the web any more. But they do have “God’s Girlz” – Barbie dolls without the associated self image stigma.

Via A Little Leaven.

Ecumenical preacher Barbie

What the world needs is:

a) more silly “ecumenical” concepts.

b) more Barbie varieties.

Someone killed two birds with one stone – this (not yet for sale) preacher Barbie comes with various outfits.

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