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Bird. Meet camera.

I like where the ubiquity of cameras is taking us.


Bird Sheet music

A British artist is trying to make music using bird poo. Bird poo strategically dropped on large rolls of sheet music.

It’s not going so well.

Off with the birds

One of the reasons my biting election coverage didn’t happen as a liveblog, in fact, the only reason, was that over the weekend Robyn and I took off to the Bunya Mountains for a surprise birthday celebration for her father. Who turned fifty.

Sadly, everybody but caught a violently unpleasant case of gastro. I have a stomach of iron. The upside was that I had the pick of the fridge for 12 hours.

I took the camera. The Bunyas teem with bird life. I’m not a “twitcher” but I do enjoy playing with my camera.

We tried feeding the birds – the others enjoyed more success. But they just weren’t that into me.

Robyn took this photo.

On the other “upside” – I picked up one of those three-in-one DVD collections from Woolworths in Dalby featuring Steven Seagal in his aging best.

Steven Seagal is cooler than Chuck Norris.