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Fade to Black

I trust you all enjoyed my wife’s musings in my absence. If so – please leave a nice encouraging comment so that she’ll contribute more regularly.

While she may have indulged in some typical male caricatures she wasn’t far off the mark.

It is with some sadness that I must announce the retirement of my favourite novelty shirt – the subtle “Black T-Shirt””… It has served me well for many years. Since its purchase from Chermside’s Trade Secret for the low, low price of $9.99 the shirt has accompanied me around the country. Its iconic status recognised by many.

Sadly, the shirt is now a faded dark grey, slightly threadbare, and somewhat permanently on the nose.

Well, it smells ok straight off the washing line – but add any moisture and some sort of chemical reaction occurs, releasing a previously undetectable aroma. A putrid smell. So, with some sadness it will venture out into polite company no more. Farewell, good and faithful servant.

The silver lining to this dark (but fading) cloud is that it reduces the total number of novelty t-shirts in my wardrobe – and thus no doubt frees me up to replace it.