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Did that headline get your attention? Good.

I have an important announcement to make.

My blog is splitting up.

My serious side is divorcing my silly side.

This will hopefully result in less frequent posts here, and a reduction of lengthy boring stuff. You can find the serious stuff at a new domain, one I originally registered because I planned to make thousands of Venn Diagrams. Venn Theology – it’s exploring the overlap between things I’m passionate about – Christianity, Communication, and Culture.

It won’t be as boring as it sounds. Hopefully it’ll be thought provoking and engaging, I’m going to try to up the quality of posts, keeping it as useful as I can, and hopefully making a positive contribution to the broader church with my experience and/or expertise in the realm of marketing and public relations, and I’ll be putting together as many useful resources for ministry, and surviving bible college as I can.

For the next little while the content on Venn Theology will be some old stuff from around these parts refreshed and republished. You can subscribe to Venn Theology’s RSS feed here, and, if you haven’t already – the St. Eutychus feed here.

What this means for St. Eutychus is more of the same, but Cornetto style – no boring bits.