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Bloody furniture

Bloody tea party

I still don’t know why I’m fascinated with bloodstained stuff. I’d never buy it. Unless I was directing a horror movie. Then I’d buy it all. Except this tea set. Which costs hundreds of dollars.

From here.

There will be blood…

So, you’re a psycho. Or at the very least you want to re-enact the classic shower scene, and you’ve purchased the previously featured blood spattered knife, shower curtain, bathmat, and the blood pool pillow – all you need to complete the package is this apron.

Let there be blood

If you’ve decked out your bathroom with the previously mentioned bloodstained curtain and bathmat then you’ll no doubt be really keen to get these complementary lamps. They’re not cheap.

Blood Bath

This is the perfect foil for your evidence knife and blood stained bathmat – particularly if you want to be arrested for a crime you didn’t commit. It’s Only 8.99GBP. All the more reason to embrace your inner psycho.

Our daily Fred: On a knife’s edge

Fred and friends have produced some pretty amazingly cool products – I’ve featured a number of them before – and now, in a special series of posts I’ll be sharing my favourites from World Wide Fred

The Evidence Knife

Rub a dub dub

Here’s something for all the Psycho fans out there – turn your shower cubicle into a crime scene with this bath mat.

Complete with bloodied footprints. Just 15 pounds. Bargain. Found here.

Pillow talk

That Godfather “horse head pillow” wasn’t enough for you was it. You craved more. Your Godfather themed bedroom is not complete without one, or maybe 23 (apparently the number of deaths in the movie) of these. Blood splatter pillows. They don’t appear to be for sale.

But just in case you were wondering – here’s a YouTube montage of the deaths in the Godfather. I don’t think it’s got all of them…