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Monster Mash

You’ve always wondered where to stab Godzilla right? Well thanks to bookofjoe – and whoever came up with these – you’ll now know what to do when faced with a building sized Japanese monster.

Oscars and Lucinda

So you’re producing a movie. You want it to win an Oscar. Where should you set it? It’s one of life’s great questions.

A question finally answered by this infographic.

If you were writing a movie about the sugar industry you could set it in North Queensland, in Lucinda, and this title would then make sense.

Here’s a picture of Lucinda.

From here, via bookofjoe.

Keeping things fresh

Fresh coffee is best. One of the factors involved in the freshness of coffee is carbon dioxide. Bookofjoe shared this great little tip from Cooks Illustrated.

Freshness Test

To check if your beans are fresh, scoop 1/2 cup into a zipper-lock bag and press out all the air, then seal the bag and leave it overnight. If the beans are within seven to 10 days of roasting, they will make the bag puff up from the carbon dioxide that they release. If the bag remains flat, then the beans are not producing gas — a sign they’ve passed the point of peak freshness.”

And this graph…

For those who fold

Some are folders, some are scrunchers, some are readers…

Here’s one for the folders out there (via bookofjoe)…

And one for the readers (also from bookofjoe)

A horror novella printed on toilet paper… a few times over, so that you can pick up where you leave off…

Then there’s one for the “artistic”… from an Australian company called Crumpler… also via bookofjoe


If none of these excite you you can always print your own (also from bookofjoe).

New heights

I feel like I’ve hit blogging gold. After all these years of meaningless toil it appears that the “World’s most popular blogging anesthesiologist” over at bookofjoe has visited my site – because I’ve scored a link.


Check it out.

Sweet sound

Perhaps you like your music sugar coated (2 U2 posts in 2 days?). Perhaps you like crisp sound. Perhaps you like Eminem. If any of these options could in any way be stretched to include you – then have I got a product for you…

That’s right. M&M headphones. That are actually for sale. And with the exchange rate being what it is you’ve got no excuse not to buy a bundle… from bookofjoe.

Bright idea

Planely speaking

This is one of those inventions that has been waiting in the wings for years. The inventor must be a rocket scientist… ok, enough, you’ve got to know when to hold them, and when to fold them.

And thanks goes to the consistently cool bookofjoe.com for tracking it down.
Buy it here.

What’s wrong with this soap?

Nothing. It’s got bacon. In fact, it’s made out of real bacon.

Here’s the step by step guide.

Rub a dub dub

Here’s something for all the Psycho fans out there – turn your shower cubicle into a crime scene with this bath mat.

Complete with bloodied footprints. Just 15 pounds. Bargain. Found here.

Bear necessities

If you go down to the woods today and you’re short of a bear disguise – how bout this sleeping bag? It’s sure to keep pesky nocturnal intruders away – and ensure your picnic basket doesn’t get pinched. If you want one you have to email the designer.

Make your child a star poople

It says a lot about the internet that this was number 3 on Reddit the day after it was posted.

It says a lot about me that I reposted it here. I couldn’t help myself. It’s not real by the way. At least not as far as I can tell.


Ever wanted to know exactly how old you are. To the second. Well now you can.

You can also track the global population, to the minute energy and food consumption and a bunch of other stuff you probably didn’t need to know – here.

Found thanks to bookofjoe.

Child labour

I mentioned earlier today that I’m not really comfortable giving parenting advice. But whipping up one of these little practical costumes seems like a reasonable idea to me. Put your kiddy’s crawling to good use. It’s much cheaper than a roomba.

Also spotted at bookofjoe.