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How to organise your bookshelf

We picked up a couple of new bookshelves on eBay over the holidays. So now we have space. Lots of space. For new books. Because, you know. New books are where it’s at. Although now I have Logos and the Kindle new books will be squarely in the “2nd hand purchases from garage sales” category, or the “huge donation of books to college” category.

Anyway. That’s neither here nor there. This is how to organise a bookshelf:

Via Kottke, I think. I was actually a little disappointed that this was really cool, and not at all a tutorial on how to organise your bookshelf.

King Kong bookshelfs

I don’t remember ever playing the original Donkey Kong – but I loved the Super Nintendo version. So anybody who is willing to transform one of their walls into an homage to the 8-bit version is fine by me.

Information on how the construction took place is available here.

Pacman media shelf keeps your loungeroom ghost free

For those looking to brighten up a loungeroom or home theatre with some Pacmany goodness I suggest going no further than this set of shelves. For those not looking to do that – I suggest checking out this shelf and reconsidering.