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Tuesday Night Music: A bit of Gotye

Pretty excited to be seeing Gotye in Brisbane in October. He’s playing with an orchestra. Should be awesome.

Also, Boy and Bear’s new album Moonfire is the goods. One of the guys in the band is named Killian. I really don’t mind that name, but Robyn has ruled it out for any sons we might have in the future.

Music to study to: Jinja Safari

So, on Saturday night, despite having been kicked about a thousand times in a game of soccer on Saturday we went to see Boy and Bear play the last show of their sold out Australian tour. They were good. But probably the real highlight was seeing support act Jinja Safari. Who brought so much energy to the stage. It was amazing. Very jungle drumesque. Shades of Vampire Weekend’s global fusion style replete with incredibly fast lyrics. I love a band with a drummer and a percussionist. Actually, I think I described them (to the chagrin of one of the guys there with us who doesn’t believe in comparing bands) as Architecture in Helsinki meets Vampire Weekend.


Oh. And they had a sitar.

It’s Official: Boy and Bear the new Mumford and Sons

I’m as excited by Boy and Bear now as I was about Mumford and Sons when I wrote this post. Check out this Crowded House cover.

Music to Study to: Boy and Bear and Deerhunter

Speaking of music. I’m enjoying the Boy and Bear EP With Emperor Antarctica:

And a bit of Deerhunter’s Halcyon Digest I suspect many of you will like the former more than the latter…