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Just what the doctor ordered: Scientifically accurate fabric brain art

Yes. This is a thing that exists. Thanks to the Museum of Scientifically Accurate Fabric Brain Art, no less. There’s even a wooden counterpart.

If that’s not your cup of tea – how about some mathematically accurate knitting? For example: a double-knitted Möbius-band-into-torus

Bowl the zombies over

If zombies are taking over your neighbourhood and you want to welcome them with a piece of good old fashion hospitality you might want to serve up your delectables in a dish that looks like this…

From Etsy

Brain power

While we’re on the subject of robotshere’s a cool little piece of trivia.

A robot with a processor as smart as the human brain would require at least 10 megawatts to operate. That’s the amount of energy produced by a small hydroelectric plant. But a small group of computer scientists may have hit on a new neural supercomputer that could someday emulate the human brain’s low energy requirements of just 20 watts–barely enough to run a dim light bulb.