bus shelter

Something fishy…

I like good bus stop ads. I admit it. I think they’re great. Especially when they take the form of novel installation art. Like this bus stop ad with a fish tank featuring live fish, advertising an aquarium product manufacturer…

Found here.

‘Snow joke

Fancy billboards with real time content are all the rage – the Fitness First board with built in scales made waves on the web – there’s a great billboard near the airport in Brisbane with a population counter updated in real time.

As toasters that print the day’s weather forecast are the future of breakfast – so billboards that present the snow report on your favourite ski field are the future of billboard advertising.

See it in action:

Tryvann – The Snowing Billboard from Martin on Vimeo.

Fat chance

This is a bus shelter. You might think it’s a normal, everyday, run-of-the-mill public transport hailing vestibule. But no. It’s more awesome. It tells you how fat you are. With a built in scale. Currently it’s advertising Fitness First. It would be extra handy if it was near a post box so you could weigh your oversized mail. From Neatorama.

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