cafe design

Coffee Chair: Why did this idea take so long?

Clever. Very clever. I can see these coffee chairs springing up in cafes around the world.

“It seems a coffee mug on a saucer silhouette when you look in front of the chair, Handle on the backrest is useful when moving the chair to a different location, and also when hanging a handbag or bag. Coffee Chair satisfies you both aspects, functional and decorative design, and certainly differentiates with other chairs, therefore can be used in cafes, restaurants, design companies and etc.”

Sideways Cafe

I love cafes. In my ideal world I would spend most of my time in one. That’s what I think full time ministry is going to look like (based mainly on Al and Mikey’s blogs).

This cafe is amazing. It’s been designed to look like a library flipped on its side. Cafes and libraries. That’s what I reckon heaven’s main shopping street will consist of.

“The “books” are actually tiles printed with sepia-toned photos of bookshelves at a local travel bookstore that ring the room, including the floor, walls and ceiling. In addition to painting unusual surfaces with intriguing patterns — whoa, you’re standing on books! — it gives an Alice in Wonderland-esque sense that the room has been suddenly upended.”

More info about the cafe here.

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