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That’s not a camera phone, this is a camera phone…

Not content with the Flight of the Conchords style camera phone depicted in this shirt design, a cool engineering type has figured out how to fix an SLR lens to his iPhone. Awesome right?

Here’s the type of photo it produces…

The Phone-O-Scope produces fuzzy, Holga-like images. I think a lot of the image artifacts (strong chromatic aberration, bizarro lens distortion) are down to the extreme magnifier stack. However, I’ve tested it with a few Canon EF lenses now and it does seem to work reasonably well with every one. At the very least, it seems to work like a telescope for the iPhone, and it is fun to shoot with (not to mention the odd looks I get when I’m using it :)

Via lifehacker.

Shirt of the Day: Camera phone

It’s nice when online T-Shirt vendors like SnorgTees keep up with modern pop culture references – like Flight of the Conchords songs.

Also cool, and also from SnorgTees is this ninja shirt.