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Homer Simpson painted by Rembrant

Obviously this would have been much harder to animate.

And, as a bonus, Marge Simpson in the style of Johannes Vermeer.

And as a bonus bonus. Groundskeeper Willie Van Gogh style.

And Darth Vader Monet style…

Smurfs in real life…

Not quite so cute now. Are they. When you think about it, Smurfs are more likely to be anthropomorphised rodents than little hominoids.

The artist, Nate Hallinan explains his approach

“The Smurf is actually the result of a symbiotic relationship between two organisms. We believe that Smurfs put their ’embryos’ in the button of a developing mushroom. From a distance, Smurfs seem like they are wearing a hat and pants but as you can see this is a fallacy. The fungus provides camouflage and protective epidermal layers for the creature, while the creature provides nutrients and mobility for the spreading of spores.”

Sesame Street’s Bert in Real Life

Untooned Bert. Creepier than the real thing by 16%.

Via The Effects Lab.

The South Park kids in real life

I enjoy South Park on the occasions I manage to see it (not often). So this artistic rendering of the characters in humanoid form tickled my funny bone.

From Deviant Art, Twenty Two Words has a few more.

The Simpsons intro in Real Life

This is a piece of art.

Come Home To The Simpsons from devilfish on Vimeo.

Bare boned cartoons

These cartoon skeletons follow a similar vein (or lack of veins) to the Pacman one from last week. They’re from designer Hyung Koo Lee.

Here’s Bugs Bunny.

And an anatomic drawing of his head.


Huey, Duey and Louie.

More here.

Real Life Spongebob

Cartoon characters in real life are always good post fodder. Here’s Spongebob

And perhaps more worthily, his friend Patrick

Not quite as scary as Popeye

Mr Burns in real life

I don’t know that I could work for this guy (or the cartoon version for that matter)… but I do like untoonings.

Life on Evergreen Terrace

Just how committed do you have to be to design and build your house based on a cartoon?

I don’t know. Perhaps this answers your question

Sadly, it’s a house built by Fox and Pepsi as a prize in a competition. Not by some fanatic nutjob. But if you want to try this at home – or with your home – there are some factors to take into consideration.

“The rooms are somewhat small and uncommonly vertical. Doorways are extra-wide and arched, to accommodate Marge’s hair and Homer’s girth. Walls will be painted in bright colors and shaded to duplicate the cartoon’s style. When possible, furnishings and accents, including Marge’s corn-print curtains in the kitchen, are being faithfully reproduced. (Robinson notes that the color of the Simpson’s refrigerator alone changed seven times over the years. The residents will have to paint the fridge themselves.)

“Our people watched 56 episodes of ‘The Simpsons,’ over the course of a weekend,” Robinson said. “One thing they found out, early on, was that (the house) was structurally unsound.”

“No load-bearing walls anywhere,” agreed Joseph Leas, the local director of construction. “They never show closets (on the show); they were a complete mystery.”

Here’s a gallery of shots from the house. Here are some samples.