Fleshed out fiction

Have you ever wondered what Skeletor looked like before all the skin disappeared from his face? Had I paid more attention to the underlying metanarrative of He-Man as a child, rather than just appreciating it for the awesome sword and cool battle cat, I probably would have asked the question much earlier.

In fact. I didn’t ask the question. I didn’t need to. Someone else did it for me. Along with a couple of others…

Ironic Sans has a couple more.

Cartoons in real life

Ben posts Peanuts comics on Thursdays. They’re a fun reminder of days flicking through Snoopy comics and playing the Snoopy Game on the Amiga.

Well, this post should excite him greatly – a real life Charlie Brown – courtesy of a Mr Tim O’Brien – who produced this for an exhibition entitled “Monsters”. It’s great.

Another artist name Pixeloo – or whose site is named Pixeloo – has put together a bunch of “real life” cartoon (and game) characters… they’re kind of freaky.

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