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The world’s saddest group blog

Online therapy sessions are pretty sad. First there was My Life is Average – it’s kind of group therapy.

Now… there’s “My Life is Twilight“… for the truly sad and lonely.

So im 25 yrs old I have been a twilight fan since 2 months before the 1st movie came out I read the boks and loved them, Ive allwayz loved the whole vampire thing so Twilight was just my thing, so in august I got the cullen crest on my right arm Ilove it and now I feel im a cullen…


There is something cathartic about unsubscribing from an annoying blog you subscribed to on a whim. I can now appreciate the joy with which Strongbad yells “DELETED”. Though it’s a double edged sword because it hurts when the number of people subscribing to your own annoying blog drops…