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Is this Inception Chair just a dream?

Brilliant. A movie reference. Within a chair. Within a chair. Within a… you get it.

Inception Chair. They come apart too. So each chair is a chair of its own right. Or something.

Chair woman for the bored

No – this isn’t another story about the Cronulla Sharks…

Designer Alice Wang has produced a series of “chairs for the dysfunctional“. They’re interesting and clever, sometimes both.

The “Silent Farter”

“Those with excess gas in their abdomen can find it difficult to hold it in sometimes, even at important times such as formal dinner gatherings or meetings. Quietly letting the gas out may be the solution, but although the sound may be muted, the scent is still present. It can often cause misunderstanding and unnecessary embarrassment for the innocent others.This chair announces who the gas is from by amplifying the silent fart exhausted.”

You could probably integrate some sort of twitter functionality by copying the office chair guy…

There’s also “The Constant Shaker” which helps fidgeters justify their wiggling – providing a calorie counter that monitors your every on chair movement.

“Researchers believe these unconscious muscle movements may be caused by a chemical produced in our brain to trigger additional calories to be burnt. This chair calculates the amount of calories burnt when one fidgets or shakes their leg when sitting down.”

In fact, you could probably have this send information to Twitter too…

This last one though is for those who like the concept of Twitter without the technology – the Status Announcer…

“More and more people are reliant on online social communities such as Facebook and Twitter, leading to possible technology related anti-social behaviours. Those who are used to regularly publishing their personal life online may have difficulty adjusting to public scenarios in real life and may loose the ability to speak or interact with others face to face.This chair allows one to update their status like they usually do on their online profiles byputting up various signs that shows their current status.”