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The Back from the Dead Intruder

One can only hope this was produced for some sort of “make a parody of a YouTube hit with a Christian message” competition. And not because these people thought “hey, you know what the world needs – a Christian version of the Bed Intruder song”…

That’s the danger of parodies. It’s really hard to interpret them in context if none is provided. But enough people thought this was a good idea that they volunteered to be part of it…

Via Scotteriology.

Sunday: Two days after Friday – a Christian parody video

Well. Call me (and Gary) a prophet.

It’s finally here. The day song you’ve been waiting for. Sunday. Better than Friday

I must warn you, I haven’t watched this. It popped up in my feed just now, and I’m in a lecture. But I promise you it will be bad.

The Force: Coming soon to a church near you

This is doing the rounds of the blogosphere, but is too good not to post:

Benny Hinn and the Force.

Almost as funny as Benny Hinn and the song “Let the Bodies Hit the Floor”…