Satanic Toys: Smurfs are out…

My question – if the smurfs are satanic – then what is Gargamel? My second question – how do these people get their own TV show?

Christian Television with Teeth: Saw teeth

Check this out.

Stuff Christians Watch

That’s it. I’m moving to America. I can make bad television to my heart’s content, knowing that there’s an outlet for anything, so long as I mention Christianity.

This is bad.

Fresh Prince hits Christian television (again)

Why do I find these unoriginal prank emails so amusing?

YouTube Tuesday: TV Pranks

I pressed post on this last night – I thought…

I hadn’t seen this before – Bill O’Reilly gets Rick Roll’d (and swears in response). Apparently the Christian Right is ok with that…

But this is perhaps my favourite. A Christian TV program that reads out and answers emails without appearing to vet them. Check it out.