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Ball loon

This is quite incredible.

It really wouldn’t be out of place in a circus – and I feel like I should know. Because last night Robyn and I hit big top for the Great Moscow Circus. It’s in Townsville for three weeks.

It was worth the price we paid for admission (free through a work contact) and probably worth the price others will pay.

There was a disappointing scarcity of scary animals – unless you’re scared by miniature ponies. Which Robyn isn’t – she wants four for the yard. She dreams of running our very own menagerie of rare and bizarre animals. That’s why ordinary people have pet dogs – and we have turtles.

It was actually a thoroughly enjoyable night – despite Robyn’s head cold/flu thing (she caught my man flu but it’s bashed her about a bit) – and it’s pretty cheap.

There are 13 performers (by my count) who each take on multiple roles (including selling pop-corn before the show and flashing trinkets and refreshments during intermission). It’s impressive. As is the guy on the ball – who prompted the post, and was discovered here

UrbanTrend: a knife’s throw away

I suspect UrbanTrends is going to give worldwidefred a run for its money in little sister number 2’s books. She declared worldwidefred her favourite site yesterday. And yet here we are, looking at a different site – probably worthy of a rival series of morning posts. So for the next nine days they’ll go head to head. Starting with the coolest knife block ever. Cooler than the voodoo knife block.

I always said that if I could be anyone in the circus I’d be the knife thrower. And now I can practice at home.

If your bench doesn’t have room for a fully fledged knife throwing block – how bout the set of matching steak knives as an alternative