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A-maze-ing saucer

Stop those drips getting away with this awesome cup and saucer set.

Shattering photography

These “shattered” everyday objects are tops.

1/24/09: Shattered coffee cup1/24/09: Shattered coffee cup

1/25/09: Shattered banana peel1/25/09: Shattered banana peel

1/26/09: Shattered rubber ducky1/26/09: Shattered rubber ducky

1/27/09: Shattered cap1/27/09: Shattered cap

1/28/09: Shattered pacifier1/28/09: Shattered pacifier

1/29/09: Shattered queen of diamonds1/29/09: Shattered queen of diamonds

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My cups runneth over

Robyn bought me a present yesterday. Bodum coffee cups. They’re awesome because they’ve got a little cup within a cup – they’re double walled. They’re not cheap. But I really like them…

Of plastic cups, and stools and things

These things are a multipurpose stool/storage thing. Shaped like a cup. But that’s obvious. Just by looking at them. They’re also ridiculously overpriced – at 66.50 GBP.

These are a variation on the theme – and much cheaper – plastic cup inspired coffee and espresso cups.

Our daily Fred: Leaning tower of piazza

This heading only makes sense assuming you know that Piazza is a brand of coffee.

And now you do you can drink happily from the leaning tower knowing you get my awesome pun.

UrbanTrend: Fruity idea

People are always trying to taste fruity traces in their espresso – that shouldn’t be too hard with these DIY shot glasses. A trace of apple maybe?