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It’s more than possible that I have posted this exact infographic previously. But I like it. It’s about coffee. And it is interesting.

From Mint.com.

The harsh truth about Decaf

I don’t like decaf (but I will roast some for you if you ask nicely – in fact, it’s the only coffee I currently have because Australia Post is tres slow at the moment. I like putting French words into sentences when they are completely unnecessary…

From Fake Science, via Gary.

Would you like caffeine with that?

You’ll never catch me drinking decaf. But it’s not because I drink coffee for the caffeine hit. You can get caffeine from so many other places that it’s just not worth the effort of drinking a less than optimal coffee.

If you’ve been reading for a while you would have caught this infographic about how healthy different drinks are for you based on sugar content.

Here’s a complementary (and complimentary – as in free, not as in it says nice things about you) infographic that gives you the caffeine content.