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Instant coffee: First you snip it, then you dip it

Actually, to slightly misquote Carl Sagan, if you want to make instant coffee from scratch, you must first create the universe, and then you have to make a pot of coffee, and then you have to dry it out and add a bunch of chemicals in the process. And then you put it in a tin. And then you add water. So it’s not really instant at all. It’s only instant if you assume that the coffee process is all about having other people do the work for you. But despite this slightly more passionate than normal introduction, Instant coffee isn’t something I spend a lot of time thinking about (except when I suggest that it’s a sin). Why you’d want to drink the rehydrated dregs of old coffee is beyond me. But if it’s your cup of tea, then this instant coffee/straw/stirrer combo is probably right up your alley.

Via Yanko Design