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Pac Mug

When this mug gets hot the ghosts disappear.

Need I say more…

Get yours here for just six pounds.

A mug’s game

I like dunking biscuits in a nice frothy mug of hot chocolate – but never in a cup of coffee. Unless it’s a plunged or brewed cup without the smooth microfoamed texture of a well made espresso based drink… The problem (other than the somewhat dubious rules of etiquette surrounding the dunk*) is that I never have enough hands to carry a stash of biscuits and the mug. It’s seriously inefficient. The “Dunk Mug” is here to help.

What a concept.

* The Tim Tam Slam is an exception.

A mug’s game

Do you work in an office? Are you sick of going to get your daily caffeine fix from the dripulator and finding – or rather not finding – your mug. Your pride and joy – perhaps a Dilbert mug with an insightful commentary on office life… Usually it’s because a colleague has pinched it.

Well, with this bad boy the joke is on them. Or the contents of your mug will be if they’re not paying attention. And let’s face it, that’s probably why they pinched it to begin with…

Coffee mug

Also awesome, also from ThinkGeek. This one’s $7.99.