The perfect mug for instant coffee drinkers

If you’re going to drink crap you might as well drink it from a toilet

My cups runneth over

Robyn bought me a present yesterday. Bodum coffee cups. They’re awesome because they’ve got a little cup within a cup – they’re double walled. They’re not cheap. But I really like them…

Office muggers

You know what sucks. Colleagues who steal your mug. There’s nothing more comforting than your own faithful mug when work is a drag. And ferreting through the mug cupboard for some half decent/not embarrassing mug to use if yours is missing is demoralising.

You’ll never have that problem again with this eternally dirty mug.

You will have “eternally helpful” colleagues who when faced with the obstinate stains might chuck it out – so it’s probably best to buy two.

A mug’s game

I like dunking biscuits in a nice frothy mug of hot chocolate – but never in a cup of coffee. Unless it’s a plunged or brewed cup without the smooth microfoamed texture of a well made espresso based drink… The problem (other than the somewhat dubious rules of etiquette surrounding the dunk*) is that I never have enough hands to carry a stash of biscuits and the mug. It’s seriously inefficient. The “Dunk Mug” is here to help.

What a concept.

* The Tim Tam Slam is an exception.

Gloomy mug

Here’s a mug for those of you struggling with overbearing optimism. Just $US9.95.

Of plastic cups, and stools and things

These things are a multipurpose stool/storage thing. Shaped like a cup. But that’s obvious. Just by looking at them. They’re also ridiculously overpriced – at 66.50 GBP.

These are a variation on the theme – and much cheaper – plastic cup inspired coffee and espresso cups.

Space travel mug

Thanks to a miracle of modern (or ancient) science I will now be able to engage in space travel. Hot coffee consumption in space has been made possible by this wonderful invention.