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Happy Coffee Day

October 1 is Coffee Day in Japan.

Here’s my photographic tribute from the farm to my cup…

My cups runneth over

Robyn bought me a present yesterday. Bodum coffee cups. They’re awesome because they’ve got a little cup within a cup – they’re double walled. They’re not cheap. But I really like them…

Pour quality – putting the art into latte art

Coffee photos are my current favourites. This one here featuring a “naked portafiller” is very nice. Does anyone have a spare angle grinder? A naked portafiller for my machine would cost $70 otherwise.

This one’s from Flickr user Tonx’s coffee photos.

There’s shots from barista competitions, cafes and a variety of other coffee related events. And some Latte Art. Including this one. My favourite. There’s a series of “making of” ones for this too so I’m pretty sure it’s legit. Or a seamless photoshop job. They’re worth checking out.