The world’s most under-enthusiastic film clip participants

If you were going to make a film clip about God using kids for ministry – a notion I have no problem with1 you could at least pick a bunch of kids who looked happy to be there.

1I think God uses kids. I think kids participating in ministries is fine, and evangelising people is fine, and generally the concept of kids being Christian children (as opposed to the ideas popularised by Richard Dawkins). I think these things are fine only if the kid is acting under the kid’s own (and God’s own) steam. Just want to put that disclaimer out there… in case you think I have a problem with the sentiment of that song – and not just the apathy expressed on the faces of those children.

Colby is less apathetic though. I suspect this might be the original version of that song.

Please explain: Colby the Robot

Can somebody, anybody, please explain how this video ever saw the light of day? Let alone the light of some sort of commercial release? And could somebody also explain how this is in any way Christian or educational.