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There will be blood

The thing that always frustrated me about cartoons based on the perennial chase, the binary battle between good and evil, the constant game of cat and mouse – was that in every case (except perhaps for Itchy and Scratchy) – the poor innocent creature got away. Well, not in these beautifully conceived reworkings of classic cartoons

It’s what’s inside that counts

Have you ever wondered what’s holding all your favourite cartoon characters together?

Skeletons of course. Anatomically correct skeletons in fact. At least that’s what Michael Paulus reckons

Best of the web

You know what the world your desk needs more of… Spiderman merchandise. Not just any old merchandise. Functional USB merchandise. Here are four “must haves”* for your cubicle.

A Spiderman Lamp

A Spiderman missile launcher

A Spiderman Can Fridge

A Spiderman Panic Button (will throw up a picture of Spiderman on your screen)

Most of these were found at Foolish Gadgets – all of them are pretty silly and available in alternate but equally marvel-lous versions from the retailer.
*If you’re a Spiderman fanatic or work for Marvel Comics

Shirts of the Day: League of cliched comic characters

Two shirts today folks. Variations on a theme if you will. A comic book theme. Featuring every single type of comic book character known to man. An encyclopedia of comic book media…

The good guys

and the bad guys

Both from Threadless.

This runner up (also from Threadless) features famous authors. 20 of them. Can you name any?